Bookish Box Review: Charm With Me Club November

When I was a kid, I loved charm bracelets. I had one that was waaaaay overfilled, and I wore that thing every single day. I haven’t been too interested in “adult” charm bracelets like Pandora, both due to price and my general disinterest in jewelry, but as soon as I saw one of Charm With Me Club’s monthly themes was Sailor Moon, I knew I had to subscribe!


There were two charms per theme this month (the other option was Goblet of Fire), which was a tiny bit disappointing after seeing people get five charms last month. Then again, I believe there was only one or two molded charm, the others were just jewels. I don’t know. But these Sailor Moon charms are so cute! Included were Luna P (which I was a little worried about due to their teaser pic, but it is so adorable in person) and Sailor Moon’s broach. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m seriously hoping that they expand on this theme in the future. 😉

I’m also really looking forward to expanding my collection of beads in general. As I said, I really don’t wear jewelry very often, but something cute and nerdy like this is right up my alley. My bracelet is just a little empty right now, so I’ll probably wait until I’ve got another month or two before I wear it.

Are you subscribed to Charm With Me Club? If so, what has your favorite theme been so far? What are your favorite bookish/nerdy accessories?

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