WWW Wednesday [11]

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Books to do a little reading plan update.

The Three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

I missed last week, so this is more than usual!

Currently Reading:

tht    sitd   afh

The Handmaid’s Tale is really good so far. I did watch the Hulu show first, and I have to say that so far it does seem like they stuck to the book really well. I am really excited to get to the end to see how it actually finishes compared to how season one ended. But first I need to get it back from the library. :/

I’ve got a really mean review coming for Silence in the Desert. I’ve got about 10% left and I am very much not impressed so far, and I really doubt it’ll be able to redeem itself. I kind of feel bad for how much I dislike this book haha.

Aloha from Hell is the third book in the Sandman Slim series.

Recently Finished:

ktd tgs  lylc  wwrww  bicatgc

Kill the Dead is number 2 in the Sandman Slim series. It was really good. It had all the funnies/sarcasm from Sandman Slim, and it had an interesting plot. I really enjoy how this story is taking all the things we “know” about heaven/hell/supernatural stuff and going it’s own way.

I got The Glass Spare in November’s Owl Crate, and I’ve been wanting to read it ever since I opened the box. It was not quite what I expected. It was still really good though! And I do have a review probably coming someday soon. I’m working on it.

Love You Like Christmas was exactly what the cover says it is – a Hallmark movie in book form. And I should have known that meant I wouldn’t be crazy for it. Like, at all. Review also coming someday.

I have been reading Women Who Run With the Wolves since February. February. Ugh. I am so happy to finally be finished! I have to say, if you plan on reading it, don’t try to take it all at once. Go a chapter at a time. It is very interesting and insightful for some issues and ideas, but some parts felt like were kind of stretching the story a bit. Or maybe my inner wild self just isn’t close enough to the surface?

Binti was quite amazing. The author built a wonderfully detailed world within such a short space, and still managed to tell a really gripping story.

I’ve been wanting to read Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe for a while, just because it sounded cute and Christmas-y. And well. I didn’t like this one either. I just don’t think “cozy fiction” is really my thing. Looking back on all the cozy Christmas stories I’ve read this year and last, the only cozy one I liked was Let it Snow. Other than general dislike of the genre, this just wasn’t very well written.

Up Next:

vt   pm   cra

Next up is Vermilion Tears. I’m going to be part of the blog tour next week! It’s my first time being part of one of these, so really hoping to do well! 🙂 Prime Meridian is up next on my NetGalley list. And then I’m continuing trying to read all the Goodreads Choice nominees with Crazy Rich Asians.

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