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Vermilion Tears is a gothic paranormal novel set in Victorian times. Lydia comes from humble beginnings living with her family in New Haven. Her life gets turned upside
down when she is on a train to New York City to start her new life. Lydia is attacked by supernatural creatures she didn’t even realize existed. Now a supernatural being herself, she finds herself fleeing from a brutal captor and trying to keep her family intact. Will she be caught or will she succeed in escaping and restoring her family?

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I’m author Tia Lee and I am a self-published author and live in one of
the most humid places in the USA: Houston, TX, but I love it here (sans the humidity of course.). I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids. My passion is writing and I can’t stop thinking of more stories for the future. My debut novel is Vermilion Tears. It is a Victorian gothic paranormal,that starts out like any other boy meets girl book, until vampires, werewolves, and witches show up. I absolutely loved writing this book and it will always be my book baby. I am currently writing a novel about a self-absorbed mob wife, who has aspirations of being at the top herself.  Not sure when it will be out yet, it’s currently going through beta reads.

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Vermilion Tears by Tia Lee
Rating: 3 stars
Published: 7/18/17
Genre: Paranormal

Read: 1/10/18

Vermilion Tears is a very solid love story between Lydia, the lower class girl who has to work two jobs for her family to survive, and Ruben, the college boy who has it all. The first several chapters lay the groundwork for their very-modern-for-the-1800’s relationship. After ignoring Ruben’s mother and Lydia’s father’s disagreements, the two wed and go on to have a happy little family. One day, Ruben decides to take a job in New York City. Ruben and Lydia decide head to the city without their daughter, leaving her with his parents to secure housing.

And, well, this is kind of where it went downhill for me. As Ruben and Lydia get off the train in New York, they are attacked by vampires. In the middle of the train station. In broad daylight. Sure. Okay then. We don’t know what happens to Ruben after this, but Lydia, while being consumed by the vampire that attacked her also gets bitten by a werewolf, who then attacks the vampire. She then passes out.

Lydia wakes up in Vermilion Manor, and becomes the test subject of Sterling, “the Professor,” as she is the first vampire/werewolf hybrid probably ever created. And Lydia. Ugh. She doesn’t spend a single moment freaking out that: 1. Supernatural creatures actually do exist or 2. She has somehow become two at once. Like, not even a moment of wtf is going on here. Just amazingly fast acceptance and resignation. And blood-tears and blood-sweat? Ew.

Eventually, Lydia and Ruben, who is also now a vampire, find each other via telepathic communication and escape with the help of another vamp named Edgar. They spend the rest of the book fleeing from the Professor’s tracker, Cornelius.

I feel like this story, rather than involving all the supernatural stuff, could easily have been a really cute love story. There was enough of a plot that the first part of the story could easily have been expanded into a longer romance book. But I get that that’s not what the author wanted to write. Actually, that kind of goes for the whole book. I feel like it was pretty fast paced, but only because the author kind of skimmed over a lot. On the other hand, there were plenty of unnecessary-to-the-story details (and one that really grossed me out).

I’m not saying I disliked this book at all. I really liked Lydia and Rubens relationship, and their relationship with Edgar. I just think it could have used a few beta readers to make suggestions like “add some detail here,” “she could use some emotion here,” “why does she know that,” or “reword this sentence.” I am also curious if the author intends to turn this into a series or write another book in this world. The ending left the future of their family very open, so I could see another book maybe 10+ years in their future or one that follows different characters but does mention Ruben and Lydia’s family.

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