WWW Wednesday [13]

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Books to do a little reading plan update.

The Three Ws are:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:


I’ve finally gotten around to starting Prime Meridian! I didn’t realize it was a short story, and frankly I’m glad. The main character is already really annoying and I’m only like 2 chapters in.

Recently Finished:

bc tfott  r fgotr ditd

I loved the writing style of Bel Canto. It was an extremely romanticized version of a hostage situation (loosely based on real events, as I found out). I enjoyed the whole story, except the epilogue. I felt it was unnecessary, and I really wasn’t a fan of what happened.

Another one with a kind of disappointing ending was The Fate of the Tearling. The plot came together really well, and I was happy with everything that happened. I would have just liked a bit more at the end. Maybe some personal happiness for Kelsea instead of the last moment of the book being her crying about what she’s missing.

Renegades was so hard to put down! All of Marissa Meyers’ books have been like that for me though, so no surprise. I just have to say, I 100% saw that ending coming, from like the very beginning. And part of me is so happy about it. I’m normally not a villain sympathizer, but I love Nova and she makes some really good points for her side. When’s the next book coming?

First Grave on the Right is one I picked up in order to read a Goodreads Choice Award nominee. I loved it! Definitely more of a “grown up” book than I usually read, but that totally fine with me haha. It’s kind of like a fusion between Stephanie Plum and Sandman Slim, with lots of sass, sarcasm, and I loved it.

Devil in the Dollhouse is a Sandman Slim short story. I like that it kind of introduced us to Stark’s life as Lucifer, but boo to that ending.

Up Next:

thohh   ts    e

I requested The Haunting of Hill House back in October, hoping to read it around Halloween. I just got it. The Stowaway is my next NetGalley book that I intended to get through a while ago. And I really want to read Everless!

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