Bookish Box Review: Enchanted Book Box December

For December, Enchanted Book Box’s theme was Hogwarts Houses. As a Harry Potter nerd, I have a disappointingly small collection of Harry Potter stuff, and not much house spirit (go Ravenclaw!). I thought this would be a great way to quickly up my ‘claw pride. And well. I was wrong. Firstly, the creator did say that this month they wouldn’t be including a book. I knew that ahead of time, so I was fine with it. I figured there would probably be more or higher quality items included, since it was regular price. Again, I was wrong.

Here’s what was included:


So is this scarf meant to be like a soccer scarf? Like, more of a banner? Because it is WAY too small to be an actual adult scarf.


Cute. I think I might already have a pair of these (are they from Target?), but I’ll never complain about cute socks. 🙂


I was not expecting a Ravenclaw candle to be cinnamon-y scented, but it is. When I think about it, it would be a really nice scent to curl up by the fire with a book with, so I do like it. It’s also nice that it’s a full size candle.


This is a nice bookmark. It’s got the Sorting Hat’s description of Ravenclaw, I think from Sorcerer’s Stone.


I mean, the eagle is cute… but this is kind of just a piece of paper. Not very good quality paper. I feel like if I use this bookmark often, it’ll probably get quite beat up.


This is pretty cute. It’s a postcard. I don’t know that I will ever use it, so maybe I’ll consider it more like an art print.


This one is a print. I love this quote, but again, it’s not great quality. (This isn’t listed as an item included in the box, so maybe it’s actually the theme card?)


This is a nice magnet. Someday when I have my own fridge, I will hang this up.


This is actually quite nice. If I ever used coasters, I would totes use this one. I need some wood surfaces.

img_4113I always need more chapstick, so it is nice to get it in boxes every now and then. I do wish this said what flavor it is, because I have no idea.

So overall, I do not think this box was worth what it cost. There were a few more items than a normal book box, but so many were paper items and lower quality items compared to other boxes. I was very underwhelmed when I opened it. I do not think I’ll be getting another box from this company, though maybe when they do include a book, it would be more worth it?

Have you received an Enchanted Book Box? What did you think?

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