Book Review: Love You Like Christmas

Love You Like Christmas by Keri F. Sweet
Rating: 3 stars
Published: 10/30/17
Genre: Romance, Holiday
Read: 12/23/17

Summary from Goodreads:
Sometimes getting lost leads you back to what matters most… 
Maddie, a marketing executive in New York, is on her way to attend the December wedding of one of her best clients. She’s afraid of flying, and taking her late aunt’s classic Mustang on a road trip seems like fun—until the car breaks down and leaves her stranded in the small town of Christmas Valley. 
The first time Kevin meets Maddie, he’s dealing with an accident that left a whole shipment of his Christmas trees scattered across the highway. He hasn’t thought about romance since his wife died: he’s been busy raising a little girl and running a struggling tree farm. But even in the middle of this setback, he’s immediately drawn to Maddie. 
As Maddie waits in Christmas Valley for her car to get repaired, she begins to realize that friends and family are at the heart of the holidays—and she can’t deny her growing feelings for Kevin. But sooner or later, she’s going back to her big-city life, and Kevin’s future is uncertain. How can either of them take a chance on love?

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book is pretty much exactly what the title advertises – a Hallmark movie in book form. There was the expected “love” at first sight, unlikely circumstances that lead our leads together, and the totally not cheesy setting (oh wait).

Ok, so I guess I don’t really need to point out that this isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I’m not super into romances, but I wanted to read something sweet and Christmas-y, and this so happened to be available. So I went for it. I wasn’t wild about it, but I do have to say that I can see the appeal of this story. I can understand why someone would like it.

Love You Like Christmas is a very PG romance that involved two people from completely different lifestyles coming together by a series of accidents. Our main girl, Maddie, is a newly promoted marketing exec on her way to a client’s wedding. She hates to fly and her aunt just so happened to leave her her old Mustang, so road trip it is. Kevin, on the other hand, is at dire risk of losing his Christmas tree business, and he just so happened to lose a shipment of trees all over the highway that Maddie is taking. She gets out, they chat a bit as he tries to clean up, and she’s on her way. And she gets very lost, but somehow, just somehow, ends up in a town called Christmas that Kevin lives in.

From here, there’s the expected will they, won’t they, made difficult by the fact that Maddie has to be leaving soon, that Maddie loves and doesn’t want to give up her NYC life, and Kevin won’t uproot his daughter from the small town life she loves. Things happen and. I mean it’s Hallmark, we get a happy ending. Ta-da~

I’m not too keen on the theme of a lot of Hallmark-type stories, in that the woman has to give up her life and what she wants to be with the guy. It’s annoying. I mean, I get that Maddie was kind of burning herself out before meeting Kevin, but she still loved her life. Also, if the parental roles were reversed, I cannot imagine  there being absolutely no discussion of the main character having doubts about immediately  becoming a parent as there was in this book. I know that she loved the kid right off the bat, but there is a difference between being friends and being a parent, and she didn’t even have a single moment of doubt about it. I don’t know, maybe that’s too “real” for this kind of story.

Have you read Love You Like Christmas? What did you think? What are your favorite holiday reads?

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