Bookish Box Review: Charm With Me Club January


January’s Charm With Me Club options were Legend of Zelda or Disney Villains (part 2). I decided to leave it up to the gods of chance again this month, as I love both themes. And I received…


Legend of Zelda! It included Master Key, Link’s shield, and Triforce charms. Aren’t they so cute! I’m usually not at all a fan of gold, but you can’t do a silver Triforce. You just can’t.

Not gonna lie, I have not played enough Legend of Zelda. I had a GBA game that I never played, and I did play Windwaker on Gamecube, but I never got farther than the volcano (I know, I suck). I’ve wanted to get it for Wii U, but I never play Wii, so I didn’t want to buy the U too. I did really want Twilight Princess as well. But I think my fun-money is going to continue to be devoted to books and book boxes haha.

I do have to say, I am glad I got the theme that included 3 charms instead of 2. I feel like it’s a bit overpriced to only get 2. But maybe that goes into my not-buying-or-wearing-jewelry thing. I don’t really know prices. I’ve heard that Pandora and similar other charms can get up to like 50/bead or more, right? So I guess that does make these more reasonably priced. I don’t know. I just like getting more haha.


Did you receive Charm With Me Club’s January box? Did you get Zelda or Disney? Which Legend of Zelda game is your favorite?

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