Book Tour + Review: Platform Dwellersl



Author: Katarina Boudreaux

Pub. Date: May 8, 2018

Publisher: Owl Hollow Press

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 268

Find it: AmazonGoodreads

On the remnants of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Dauphin Island, Joe is a typical Nob Platform teenager, except that her Mom left a year ago for a more social Platform, and her Dad sometimes forgets she exists. But she knows she wants a career in Communications, so her high school senior project “See-Saw” focuses on long-distance underwater connections. Drayton, Joe’s best friend, discovers lights moving on Land at the same time Joe picks up SOS signals with her See-Saw.
Though Land has been silent since technology was destroyed during the Moralist Revolution, Joe and Drayton discover that the Platform Planning Commission (PPC) seems to be ultimately responsible for the Bone Virus that precipitated the Revolution. They enlist the help of Flox, a debunked scientist, to take them to Land to investigate the remnants of human Land society—before the PPC can stop them. What they find on Land will forever change the course of their lives and the lives of all Platform Dwellers.

About Katarina:


Katarina Boudreaux is a writer, musician, composer, tango dancer, and teacher—a shaper of word, sound, and mind. She returned to New Orleans after circuitous journeying.

Her chapbook “Anatomy Lessons” is available from Flutter Press.  Her play “Awake at 4:30” is a finalist in the 2016 Tennessee Williams Festival. Her novel “Still Tides” is a semi-finalist in the 2016 Faulkner-Wisdom competition.

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Date Read: 4/25/18

Rating: 4 stars

The concept of Platform Dwellers – a virus wiped out the majority of our population and the only known survivors escaped to one platforms to wait it out – drew me in immediately. I always love dystopian, and this book did not disappoint!

The lifestyle that the refugees built on the platforms is fascinating. It’s all about repurposing and recycling, science and technology, and way, way too much seafood. The PC have not quite, but very nearly turned it into a big brother-esque society – everyone must scan into just about every room they go into and most rooms do have cameras, and they can eavesdrop on everybody’s instant(ish) messages.

Land on the other hand, seems almost like paradise. I do love books that make you realize you have it good, and this book does that. Jo and co get to experience things they’ve never had before – all the water they want, a variety of food, new clothes, etc. The only problem is the land people are a bit hovery.

I do appreciate the light romance I this story. You can kind of see it coming from like a mile away, but it’s not an up-in-your-face, distract-from-the-plot romance. It’s actually quite sweet and real.

I think the main thing I was left wanting from this book was detail. While this story does not have the length to go into as much detail as most of dystopian stories I’ve read (is it just me, or are most YA dystopian stories trilogies?), I feel like the story almost demanded more. I really enjoyed the plot, but I would have loved more explanation. There were a lot of moments where big information was revealed or action was happening and it was almost skipped over or hurried along. The ending also was quite abrupt- is there going to be a second book?

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