Book Tour + Review: Joan the Made

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Joan the Made by Kristen Pham

GENRE: YA science Fiction

On Joan Fasces’ eighteenth birthday, she discovers that she is cloned from the famous Joan of Arc. But being cloned in America comes at a steep price. Segregated and oppressed, clones are forced to act as docile servants to the rest of the Evolved population.

Joan can either run from her fate and spend the rest of her life in hiding, or she can join a Throwback rebellion populated by clones of the greatest leaders in history.


The doorbell rings, and I bound down the steps. My parents hover beside the front door. Mom doesn’t comment on my appearance, even though I can tell she notices my skinned elbows. When I see her knuckles, red and raw from all her hand-wringing, a strange dart of fear pings through my body.

A tall woman with tan skin and short, cropped hair enters our house and shakes my parents’ hands after she sets her briefcase on the ground.

“Jayne Piers, from the Department of Genetic Evolution,” she says, introducing herself.

She shakes my hand, and her stare is piercing, like she can read the truth of my DNA in my eyes.

“Joan Fasces,” I say, willing my voice to stop trembling.

Mom leads us into the dining room, which is elegantly decorated for the birthday lunch she insisted on hosting for me to celebrate being Confirmed as Evolved.

Jayne sits and opens her briefcase. Her movements are efficient as she attaches a needle to her smartphone and pulls my arm toward her. The sharp tip stings my index finger as it collects a drop of my blood for analysis. When she’s done, she sprays my finger and the needle with a sanitizer mist.

“This won’t take long,” Jayne says as data about my DNA rapidly fills the screen of her phone.

I look up for the first time since Jayne took my blood and see that my parents are gripping each other’s hands tightly. Mom’s eyes meet mine and fill with tears, and the realization hits me right before the words come out of Jayne’s mouth.

“Your DNA is cloned. You’re a Genetic Replicant,” she says. There’s no judgment; she’s stating a fact.

I’m a Throwback.

About Kristen:

AuthorPhoto_JoanTheMadeKristen Pham is a YA science fiction and fantasy writer who lives for really great fudge, roller coasters, and exploring new worlds via fiction. She lives in San Jose, CA with her children and husband, where she eagerly waits for her kids to turn 11 and receive their invitations to Hogwarts.

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Rating: 4 stars

Read: 5/7/18

Right off the bat I found myself kind of loving Joan. She’s such a good, strong, righteous person, it’s hard not to. Maybe that’s her nature (vs nurture) showing, but she seems like the type of character to immediately draw people to her. I love that she almost always has a really good comeback for the people who are making fun of her.

This was a very compelling story. Aside from loving Joan, it was a fascinating society. It very strongly resembled the Jim Crow era with the lawful  segregation between clones (aka Throwbacks) and non-clones (Evolved). Seeing everything through Joan’s eyes, seeing what it was like going from the privileged to the minority “race”, was so hard to accept. It was just so horrible. Joan’s situation also rather mirrors today’s world – a lot of people in privileged situations just have no idea what the minority/less privileged people are dealing with, and it’s absolutely shocking when they learn the truth. It’s wonderful to see Joan listening and learning, even if she isn’t particularly quick on the pick up (though that is understandable).

The rest of the cast of characters were also all quite awesome. It’s basically like have a whole cast of some of the greatest minds and leaders (and some actors/actresses) from history, but all young adults in school. And from what I know about these historical figures, the character’s personalities all seemed very accurate, which is amazing on the author’s part. They are also all quite awesome in their own right.

14 thoughts on “Book Tour + Review: Joan the Made

  1. Congrats on the tour and I appreciate the excerpt, review and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters and now my twin daughters who all love to read. We have found some amazing books for everyone. So, thank you!

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