Unboxing: Book of the Month March 2018

Ah, Book of the Month. Choosing (and receiving!) these books is seriously one of my favorite things to do every month. Obviously a bit behind posting this one, but I’m going to try to be getting everything up sooner!

The BotM featured options for March were:

I decided to go with a theme this month of mysteries, and here’s what I got:


The Last Equation of Isaac Surrey: This book had a bit of a Da Vinci Code vibe, which immediately drew me to it – I love that sort of mystery/conspiracy/secret society story and I am super excited to get to this!


Dead Letters: A family death mystery involving drama. Need I say more? I mean, I will. Again, like The Da Vinci Code, I like mysteries that involve a trail of clues and aren’t necessary murder investigations (but will it turn out to be?).


Emma in the Night: Mmm, a psychological thriller mystery. I’m hoping that it’s actually thrilling. I’m a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and this sounds a bit like an episode (or arc), so I have high hopes!

If you’re interested in trying Book of the Month, would you consider using my referral link? It should get you a free book, and one for me too! 🙂

What BotM books did you get in March (or April or May)? If you’ve read them, what was your favorite? What is your favorite type of mystery book?

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