Media Monday [1]

Hello, and happy Monday! So, like I said in my last post, I want to have a weekly post where I talk about non-book media that I have been loving lately. So without further ado, let’s go!

TV Shows

Okay, so I hate myself just a little bit for watching The Bachelorette last season, because I am not a fan of “reality” shows, and now I kind of have to keep watching. There is just something about The Bachelor/Bachelorette that is like a car crash. I can’t stop. I mean, there’s the stupid drama, the beautiful scenery, the over-the-top dates, the contestants who are somehow all unbelievably gorgeous/handsome, and just how ridiculous the show is overall. I can’t stop. But boy, are some of the girls this season getting on my nerves. All I can say is I hope he does not choose Demi.

Image result for younger

I just finished watching the most recent season of Younger. And I can’t. I’ll try not to get into spoilers here, but I think Liza made the wrong choice/things aren’t going to work. I mean, just look at that last shot. Those are “oh shit” faces if I’ve ever seen one. Also, can I have Liza’s job already?


Speaking of car crashes, I just saw that the Twilight movies are on Hulu now. I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn all the way through, and it was my least favorite book of the series, so I may just have to see how bad it is. 🙂


Or click here if that isn’t working.

This playlist is everything. I wake up stupid early to workout, and while some people may call me a “morning person,” I disagree. I am a daylight person. I wake up with the sun, so these winter months where the sun doesn’t come up until I’m leaving for work, I need something to help me. And this playlist has been doing it for me. It gets me pumped and… well, excited is a little over the top, but at it at least gets me ready and willing to be awake and exercise.

Social Media

I know I said this was for non-book stuff… but I really liked this! So I don’t actually follow Pewdiepie, but every now and then I see a video from him that I want to watch, and the most recent was a book review! Like, I’m so excited to see the biggest YouTuber tell his 83 million subscribers to read more! He had quite a few recommendations in here that I hope to pick up soon.

What TV shows/movies/music/whatever have you been loving recently?

3 thoughts on “Media Monday [1]

  1. Great post!

    Also watching The Bachelor. It’s totally a show that is completely and utterly ridiculous but I keep watching it still season after season, LoL.

    Younger is one of my absolute favorite shows. I really liked last season. Although, the last moment was a definite like “uh-oh”. Super curious where next season is going to go. The only thing I know about the next season is the show is transferring to the Paramount Network.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I just can’t stop with The Bachelor haha! I don’t understand what is so drawing about it.

      I did see that about Younger moving to Paramount. I do believe the producers were saying that Josh still has a chance, which I’m kind of rooting for… but also his last scene has me curious how all of that is going to work out.

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