Media Monday [4]

Oh my gosh guys, it’s almost spring! Today it’s getting up into the 50’s and this week it’s supposed to get into the 70’s where I live, and I am so freaking excited! So here’s some stuff I’ve been loving! 🙂


I can almost never get this song out of my head anymore. Every morning, I get up and there it is. I get in the car to go to work, and I’m listening to it. All day at work I listen to music, but the moment it stops, this song is back in my head. You would think I would be so annoyed with it by now, but I’m not. Especially now that I’m getting to know the words better.

TV Shows

My Game of Thrones binging has sped up. I started season 5 yesterday, so I’m probably going to finish rewatching quite a bit before the season 8 premiere – it’s still a month away. What other HBO shows should I watch in the meantime?


I recently started following Stephen King on Twitter. I honestly did not think he would have a Twitter, but I’m glad he does. I’m fairly new to his books, and what I’ve read has given me an idea of what he might be like irl. I was entirely wrong. He is awesome. Plus he has a corgi. Def one of my new Twitter favorites.

And just in case you need another account to smile at, dog thoughts. ❤


Where my logic nerds at?! I’ve been playing the games on this site for years, and I absolutely love them! Puzzle and logic games have always been my favorite, and I love that this site has so many different games, and new ones every week. They also have apps for quite a few of these games. The only drawback is most of the puzzles cost money and I want more! (I do understand why though!)

What have you been loving this week?

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