Reading Slump

Hello all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been around. 😦 I started getting into a reading slump over the winter, and it got even worse over the spring. I’ve had plenty of free time, I just haven’t picked up many books or wanted to read them when I have that time. The weird thing is that when I walk past my physical TBR pile, I want to start reading like all of them, I just don’t do it.

So, how do you deal with reading slumps? Do you just ride it out and hope for the best? Force yourself to read when you don’t want to? Pick up one of your favorites for a re-read? Try something new in your favorite genre? Something else?

I’ve just been letting it go as is, but I have started kind of making myself to read more when I have the time, and I have recently picked up an old favorite. I think I might be starting to get over it – I’ve got three books going right now, and have been really excited to pick them all up (well, really just two of them I guess). Hopefully this means I’ll be on here more and start posting again. I mentioned after my last (unintentional) hiatus that I wanted to post more than just book stuff on here, and I fully intend to now that I’m back. I think that will help me stay more active!

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