Birthday/Valentines Day Giveaway! {CLOSED}

[Winner announced on Instagram] Hello all, happy February! So I'm sure none of you know this, since I haven't told anyone on the interwebs, my birthday is next Sunday (the 11th). Valentines Day, of course, comes right after on the 14th. Cool story, right? Recently I received a duplicate book and sock box, both with … Continue reading Birthday/Valentines Day Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Book Box Review: Unicorn Crate December

I've been really wanting to try Unicorn Crate. I mean, how awesome does just the name sound!? I loved that they include a unicorn item every month, and the books I've seen over the past few months have all sounded really good (so basically every book - they started up about half a year ago, I … Continue reading Book Box Review: Unicorn Crate December