Book Review: Blind the Eyes

Blind the Eyes by K. A. Wiggins Rating: 2 stars Published: 6/1/18 Genre: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, young adult Read: 8/15/18 Summary from Goodreads: Seventeen-year-old Cole hides a forbidden obsession with death from both the repressive, authoritarian Refuge and Cadence, the ghost who haunts her. Cole’s determined to shake her reputation as a failure, but when she spectacularly … Continue reading Book Review: Blind the Eyes

Book Tour + Review: Joan the Made

Joan the Made by Kristen Pham GENRE: YA science Fiction On Joan Fasces' eighteenth birthday, she discovers that she is cloned from the famous Joan of Arc. But being cloned in America comes at a steep price. Segregated and oppressed, clones are forced to act as docile servants to the rest of the Evolved population. Joan … Continue reading Book Tour + Review: Joan the Made

Book Tour + Review: Platform Dwellersl

Title: PLATFORM DWELLERS Author: Katarina Boudreaux Pub. Date: May 8, 2018 Publisher: Owl Hollow Press Formats: Paperback, eBook Pages: 268 Find it: Amazon, Goodreads On the remnants of oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and Dauphin Island, Joe is a typical Nob Platform teenager, except that her Mom left a year ago for a more social Platform, and her Dad sometimes forgets … Continue reading Book Tour + Review: Platform Dwellersl